When she was in middle school, Mariah Lewis was an active participant in Junior Achievement’s BizTown, a simulated town that gives students a taste of real-world responsibilities, from operating banks and writing checks to managing restaurants and voting for mayor.

The new facility is located at 550 East Wallen Road, Fort Wayne IN 46825.

In BizTown, Mariah worked in customer service at Mega Byte, a business that printed stickers. She worked on a computer, talked to customers, sold stickers, and managed a graphic designer.

Today, Mariah is Graphics Output’s customer sales and service specialist. The two jobs? Surprisingly similar.

Her story is just one example of how Junior Achievement (JA) can shape the lives of local students, and that’s why Graphics Output is so honored to have helped with its new facility at the corner of Coldwater and Wallen roads in Fort Wayne. Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana’s new building is home to BizTown, JA Finance Park, a new entrepreneurs center, their headquarters, and a grand hall—entities that were once spread throughout the city.

Graphics Output worked on several spaces in the new JA building, providing various levels of design, printed materials, and application for Lutheran Medical, Ivy Tech Community College, and Hagerman/IMI.

The Ivy Tech Community College storefront was designed by Graphics Output and the all visuals were produced in-house and installed by Graphics Output.

Graphics Output created the Hagerman/IMI signage and printed/installed the Lutheran Health Network storefront.

JA is important to the community because it stresses the importance of financial literacy for future business leaders and employees. Middle and high school students can see, touch, and live the experience of personal finance in a real-life setting by becoming an adult for the day.

FUN FACT: JA impacts 140,000 students in 30 northern Indiana counties each year.

“The JA Biztown and JA Finance Park experience will be much deeper for the kids, much more interactive with a lot more technology,” JA Northern Indiana President Lena Yarian says. “The messaging hasn’t changed, but how we connect with kids will be a lot more exciting.”

Today, Mariah still enjoys working as part of a team, and she enjoys supporting local businesses—a priority instilled, in part, during her time in JA.

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