The inventory services at Graphics Output provide time-savings AND cost-savings. We’ll work with you to review your needs and data and figure the exact inventory you need. How?

  • Through cumulative inventory. Let us keep your materials in stock so you don’t have to worry about storage. We’ll order in bulk and mail you what you need, when you need it.
  • Through quarterly rotation inventory. We can cut back on inventory turnover time by predicting stock levels based on quarterly usages.
  • Through inventory quick ship. Our average lead-time for stocked parts is one to seven  business days.
  • Through consistent communication. Our customer service representatives stay up-to-date about your status, providing timely confirmation on your orders and inventory. That way, if issues come up, we can solve the problem quickly.
  • Through KANBAN or Hybrid Solutions. We can help you set up your inventory system, assuring everything works best for all parties

The benefits for multi-business and multi-plant companies who use our inventory stocking services company-wide include quantity discount pricing, which means we’ll print once and ship your product  as you need it, saving you money. Plus, we’ll host regular sales meetings with your engineers, marketing team, and purchasing staff to make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.