Do you have designers on staff to create my art if I don’t have files?
Absolutely! We have some of the most creatively awesome and versatile designers this side of the Milky Way! (Full disclosure: Our creative director wrote this section. Thanks, Todd.)

What are your general artwork guidelines?
Our designers can work with just about any file type, but if you want a gold star, this is how to send us your info:

  • We like vector art instead of rastor
  • Please send us native file types from the Adobe Creative Cloud instead of print-ready PDFs
  • Embedded or packaged images and supporting files, like placed images or blueprints, are necessary for production
  • Please send us the font files or convert fonts to outlines
  • Be specific about which spot colors you want, such as Pantone Solid Coated
  • On a separate layer, call out cutting, adhesive, or die lines

How do I send you artwork files?
Click here or on the Upload A File link on the navigation menu.

How do I request a quote (RFQ)?
There are a few ways to get a quote from Graphics Output:

What is your turnaround time?
Because every job is different, every timeline is different. Once the final proof is approved, basic jobs have a standard lead time of seven business days, and more complicated jobs can take up to 14 business days. Our average lead time is 14 business days for new jobs and 10 business days for reprints. Please note: art, films, display booths, special order material and/or tooling may add to final delivery timeline.

Keep in mind, we want to delight our customers. Your satisfaction is important, and we’ll go to great lengths to meet your timeline.

What material should we use for my product?
The best material to use will vary on a per-job basis. If you’re unsure, get in touch with our sales staff about your project’s specifications. We’ll make sure to find the right materials for you, keeping in mind warranty, quality, and budget demands.

To get the best recommendation for material, please contact us by filling out our website contact form or stopping by to see us.

What happens after I approve a quote?
We’ll start readying the artwork for our production process and send you an electronic proof when we finish. When you approve the proof, that’s when the magic starts! If you have any questions during production, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your contact.