Graphics Output Now Offers Membrane Switch Overlays

Many everyday-use machines turn on and off with a mechanical switch. Microwaves, washers and dryers, ovens—they all rely on mechanical switches. These switches use copper and plastic parts, and manufacturers need an entirely different supplier than their graphics company to make them.

Graphics Output, however, has taken that second supplier out of the equation; beginning this year, we supply membrane switches in addition to our graphic overlays.

Membrane switches are simply electrical switches that turn a circuit on and off. They don’t use the copper of the mechanical switch—which makes them environmentally friendly and less wasteful—and instead feature a conductive metal like graphite or silver. We mix that metal with our ink and print it on a thin sheet of plastic. When we layer and adhere that plastic with spacers, metal or plastic buttons, and the printed overlay, we get an incredibly thin, single-sourced switch.

Ideal for ag equipment, this product features pillow emboss overlay, metal dome switches, and LED single point backlighting.

Think of these switches as a technological neighbor to touchscreens, plastic keyboards, and toggle switches. They’re designed with ease-of-use in mind.
By choosing Graphics Output’s durable membrane switches, you’ll find so many benefits:

  • Your company will have less inventory—our switches will arrive to you assembled and ready-to-use.
  • Because Graphics Output can be your single-source supplier, you’ll be more likely to meet your deadlines.
  • Our membrane switches are high-quality; these switches are assembled and QC tested before being shipped to you. You’ll never have to worry that one company will misread your measurements, resulting in a separately supplied switch that doesn’t fit with its printed overlay. Plus, their durability means they’re easy to protect from UV radiation.
  • Our membrane switches are competitively priced, you buy directly from the supplier.
  • Manufacturing them has a shorter lead time. Many competitors’ switches take eight to 16 weeks to manufacture, from the day of order to the day you receive your shipment. Once your project is approved, Graphics Output can turn around your complete switches in as little as five weeks.
  • Membrane switches are incredibly thin, saving space in a product’s design.
  • Because membrane switches can be screen printed or digitally printed, the graphics possibilities are endless.

This medical diagnostic equipment features rubber buttons with printed icons and metal dome switches.

If you already work with Graphics Output for your graphic overlays and want to learn more about our membrane switches—or if you’re a new customer who’s interested in a single source supplier—we’d love to tell you more. My name is Shawn, and you can reach out to me at shawn@gographicsoutput.com260-748-0577, or check out our website.